La version 1.4 du mod PATHS pour Titan Quest vient de sortir !

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  • Le mod PATHS pour Titan Quest Immortal Throne

J’ai déjà fait une description du jeu Titan Quest ici, et une présentation du mod PATHS pour ce jeu de hack and slash ici. L’avantage de ce mod est qu’il transforme totalement les pouvoirs de vos personnages et ajoute de l’intérêt par un système de malus avec lequel vous êtes obligés de composer, chaque « maîtrise » choisie vous apportant son lot de bons comme de mauvais côtés.

  • Ce qu’apporte la version 1.4 du mod

Pour moi, cette sortie est une très bonne nouvelle, non qu’elle change du tout au tout le mod en lui-même, mais plutôt parce qu’elle améliore encore un peu plus cette extension qui, pour moi, a renouvelé complètement l’intérêt donné à ce jeu.

  • Télécharger le patch

  • N’oubliez pas d’installer l’extension Immortal Throne avant toute chose
  • vous trouverez à cette adresse les fichiers utiles à l’installation, la traduction française et la possibilité de coupler le mod Paths avec le mod Lilith (nouvelle carte rajoutant de la difficulté et des nouveaux monstres).
  • Changements apportés par le patch (en anglais)

Version 1.4
-Degeneration on skeletons removed.
-Fixed bug that caused Unholy Blast to shoot over turtles and other low enemies.
-New XP penalty that gradually disappears with more Path Level points (gone at 40). New % bonuses to all attributes that increase with Path Level.
-Death’s Grip improved drastically to compensate for the bosses now being highly resistant/immune to % Life Loss.

-« Starfall » changed to « Particle Burst », functions as a medium range AoE burst. Skill Modifiers changed as well.
-Now -10% health, and +10% total damage.
-Dark Sphere changed from terrain following to normal projectile, could not hit low enemies.

-Dropped the protection modifier from the Path Level
-Axe Mastery cleaned up.
-Increased the % chance of « Chop ».
-« Heavy Cleave » vastly improved.
-Radius of Lioness’ charge toned down a bit.
-Added a slight CtAP to « Parry », adjusted slowed penalty. Duration always 2 seconds.
-Spear Mastery has a run speed bonus that scales with points.
-Blessing of Ra heal is increased, is 25% weaker than Nature’s regrowth, still a vast improvement from before. Cap raised to 16(20). Burning weakened a bit. Removed armor bonus. Added new +% burning damage. Increases max life a bit.
-Dodge has new -100% total damage debuff, but several new useful bonuses: resist « Slow » and « % Current Life Loss ». Should keep its intended use better.
-Skilled Shot starts out giving a higher piercing boost and penalizes -50% instead of -100% physical. Slows enemies’ attack speeds more at early levels. Has 25% projectile speed boost.
-Lowered the damage of Bow Mastery.
-Now has a -15% run speed penalty.
-Armor absorb bonus raised from 10% to 15% in Sekhmet Path.
-Armor absorb in Defensive Stance lowered from 10% to 5%. Newly absorbs 10% of all damage.
-Precise Stance adjusted. Attack speed penalty -10% instead of -5%. New +50% projectile speed.
-Offensive Stance has +5% more physical damage in addition to the old bonuses.
-Pumped the damage up on Power Shot.

-Inner Walls % absorb dropped. Still absorbs damage, but the damage is not reduced by a percentage first. (Confusion about how damage absorbers worked.)
-Added a -15% armor absorb penalty to Path level.
-Attributes, Health, and Mana all start a bit higher to begin with, but scale normally.
-Psionic Blast damage halved. Newly deals extra damage vs Olympians (Hades) as well as Telkines. +600% instead of +300% to compensate for the damage drop. Skill Modifier raised as well to compensate.
-Mana cost of Cerebral Prism increased a bit.
-Reduced damage of Mental Strike significantly. New 1% chance to convert, 90-600 duration.
-Obfuscate displays effects properly.

-Reduced the mana cost of Haglaz Rune slightly, increased duration of effects to 4 seconds. Adjusted other stats slightly.
-Uruz Rune: Changed % health bonus to a static +10%, added a healing effect that scales up to 30(34). Removed reflect damage. Physical resist now goes up 1% per point up to 30%(34%) Physical Resist.
-Cruel Arrows boosted up significantly. Now reduces resistances, deals more damage, slows more, deals extra damage to beasts/beastment, etc.

-Cold Iron now has a mana burn effect.

-Reanimated Polyphemus changed to « Champion » instead of « Boss » due to boss chests remaining locked bug.
-Raised damage of Storm Trident, added 25% piercing chance.
-Expose changed drastically. -25% health is the cap now, various other new debuffs attached.
-Lowered mana penalty from -66% to -33%. To balance and keep the same mood of the Path, most Poseidon skills cost 25%-50% more. Level 100 max bonus removed. New Path 100 bonus in its place.
-Lowered Lightning & Life resistances.

-Dazzle now starts off shooting 3 projectiles. 1 was buggy and strange.

-Reaper changed to « Champion » instead of « Boss » due to boss chests remaining locked bug.
-Bodyguards have 25% more health, heal for a bit less, move slightly slower, and have different voices. Lowered their physical and pierce resistances.
-Planar Weapon has several new minor effects, and newly grants a large damage bonus to artificial enemies (constructs & devices).

-Enchanter changed from -75% price, to -50% price. Was borderline cheat before but I stand by the decision to drastically reduce the cost.
-Sand Wraith Lord crash bug fixed.
-The +1/+2 to Berserker skills prefix was adding +1 to base attack speed instead of the intended +1%. Error message was showing. Change the prefix to give the proper amount of attack speed.
-Many bosses and quest bosses improved.
-Increased the pursuit distance on some bosses.
-Missing arachnos web resource fixed.
-Most Male animations that were set as female restored to male.
-Centaur War Horns now stun, but deal a bit less % life damage.
-Players start with 300 health once again. The beginning of the game should be sufficiently hard to warrant the exra HP.
-Faint trail added back to arrows. Speed of arrows reduced slightly.
-Set all shields’ block recovery time to 3 seconds. Many shields were 2.5. All shields have +10% chance to block, should help early-game shields. All shields 90% absorb their « damage blocked » instead of 100%.
-Most bosses’ resistances heavily adjusted to give strengths and weaknesses. This will make versatile builds with multiple skill solutions more satisfying. Characters that deal a huge amount of one damage type will struggle on certain bosses. All make logical sense. For example the ice yeti is now immune to cold damage. If you can’t get past a boss, try everything! Note: Hades will evolve his resistances and weaknesses as you destroy his form.

Tartarus + Sekhmet = Apophian (Formerly Flamekeeper)
Sekhmet + Dokkaebi = Uraeus (Formerly Bennu)

  • Autres softs conseillés pour optimiser vos personnages

TQVault : permet de placer tous les objets que vous trouvez dans un coffre « paratagé » et donc d’échanger vos objets entre tous vos perso – indispensable

TQDefiler : permet de reset les aptitudes et statistiques de vos personnages afin de redistribuer tous vos points.

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6 réflexions au sujet de “La version 1.4 du mod PATHS pour Titan Quest vient de sortir !”

  1. D’après mes souvenirs, il faut que tu décompresses le dossier « Paths » (à télécharger) à cet endroit : C:Documents and Settings[username]My DocumentsMy GamesTitan Quest – Immortal ThroneCustomMaps

    Après tu places dans ce répertoire le .exe « Resources » et le .exe de la difficulté choisie. Tu les décompresses dedans (les fichiers du premier .exe sont créés dans un répertoire « Resources », les fichiers du deuxième .exe sont créés dans un répertoire » Database »).

    Ensuite quand tu lances le jeu, choisis « Play Custom Quest » et « Paths » avant de créer un nouveau personnage.

    En anglais le mode d’emploi est le suivant :

    in C:UsersXXXXXXXDocumentsMy GamesTitan Quest – Immortal Thronecustommaps
    you make a folder called « paths »
    Now place the 2 needed exe’s in that file (1.4Resources.exe and one of the monsterspawn/dificulty files)
    Extract the 2. 1.4Recources should extract to « destination folder: Resources » and 1.4Standard (or another of those files) should extract to « database ».

    Your folder should now look like this:
    C:UsersXXXXxDocumentsMy GamesTitan Quest – Immortal Thronecustommapspaths
    database (in it a paths.arz)
    Resources (in it effects.arc, images.arc, ingameui.arc, Maps.arc, quests.arc, sounds.arc, text.arc)

    It should work now.

    A noter : si tu veux le mod en français il existe des versions francisées de ces fichiers. Il existe aussi des versions incluant le mod « Lilith ».

  2. Bonjour,
    Serait-il possible de détailler l’installation de cette version 1.4?
    J’ai tenté de comparer les fichiers téléchargés au tuto sur la 1.3 et, à dire vrai, je suis perdu…

    Ce serait dommage de passer à côté, non? 🙂
    Merci par avance pour votre aide.


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